my art - is - fact solo exhibition was a big success! thanks to all who visited EXHIBIT/208 in albuquerque during its run in september and october, 2013. click here to see installation shots of the show.

i just posted a couple of new videos about this new body of work, so please check them out here.

lately i have been thinking about the realm of consciousness (reality) and the realm where I make art (intuitive subconsciousness). creativity seems like the point of access between those two realms. my new paintings are the artifacts of that access, the tangible result of that journey. when I go to the other place these symbols, shapes, lines and materials make important truths, but when brought back to this world they are often untranslatable into the language of fact.

i think the new work attempts to map the journey between worlds. there are arrows pointing the way, offering emphatic directions or suggestions of space. ultimately they are useless because there is no one way to arrive at creativity, no one path, no one direction to take. there are many different paths and these signs are like emphatic clues that may or may not be helpful.

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